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How I Add 6% Back to My ECommerce Dropshipping Profits in 2 Minutes

On my never ending quest to increase my ecommerce dropshipping profits, I came across this 2 minute hack. Since the process of adding 6% back to my ecommerce dropshipping profits takes about 2 minutes, I am going to make this “how to” short and sweet.


I founded and currently operate two ecommerce Shopify stores. One, WHEELZ Custom Carts, I started in 2008 and I dropship directly from US based suppliers. This profit hack does not work for this store.

The other, All About Tidy, I started in 2016. It is an online store that focuses on tidying your life by tidying your spaces. All of the products have been tested by either me or a friend/family member and 90% of them dropship through AliExpress. This is the store that makes 6% more using this dropshipping profits hack. Here is how it works:

1. Sign up for EBates

If you do not already have an EBates account, sign up now.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Here is why…EBates is a FREE cash back website that deposits cash into your PayPal account or mails a check for shopping with their partners. And AliExpress is one of their partners. You will earn cash back for any online purchase with any of EBates partners, but if you are an AliExpress dropshipper, your EBates cash back will quickly add up.

Click here to enroll in EBates and, when you spend your first $25 online with an Ebatespartner, like AliExpress, you will then receive a $10 cash welcome bonus!

After you are signed up with your new EBates account, proceed to Step 2.

EBates Aliexpress Table

2. Install the EBates Cash Back Button

Once you have an EBates account, the next step is installing the EBates Cash Back Button to make it easy to claim your cash back with every AliExpress purchase. When you are logged into your EBates account and on the home page, click on Help, then More Features, and finally, Ebates Cash Back Button. The first selection will be the instructions to Install the cash back button and you will click on that and follow the instructions based on your browser set up.

The cash back button will place a tiny icon at the top of your browser tool bar. Each time you navigate to a website that partners with EBates for cash back offers, a reminder box will pop up and let you know the percentage of savings that you will earn. Click the button to activate and you will receive cash back for any purchase made during that session.

EBates Cash Back Button

BONUS- If you use AliExpress coupons, you will still be able to use them in addition to the EBates Cash Back, allowing you to save even more money.

3. Place AliExpress Dropship Orders

After completing Steps 1 and 2, you will be ready for the next time you log into your AliExpress account to place your ecommerce dropship orders. Once you login to your account, you will be prompted to click on the “Activate Cash Back Button.” The percentage of cash back varies and is typically between 2% and 6%.

Save Money with EBates and AliExpress

BONUS- If you use your PayPal Business Debit card for all AliExpress dropshipping purchases, PayPal will deposit 1% back into your account each month, further maximizing your dropshipping profits.

The Short and Sweet

You are already busting your butt to optimize your ecommerce store’s profitability and drive targeted traffic. What would adding 6% more profit to your bottom line mean for your ecommerce dropshipping profits? The answer could be as simple as increasing your bottom line. But, adding 6% to your dropshipping profits could also allow you to compete with larger stores and pass savings on to customers in the form of promotions.

Taking 2 minutes to add EBates to your ecommerce tool belt, can easily put a few hundred extra bucks in your pocket each month. Here is how it can add up using a 4.5% cash back percentage:


2 thoughts on “How I Add 6% Back to My ECommerce Dropshipping Profits in 2 Minutes

  1. Food for thought!

    What is your Plan B if Dropshipping is no longer acceptable by your payment processor. Stripe no longer process Dropshipping. PayPal and Square may soon follow.

    What you gonna do? Opt In to this complimentary video series that will give you an option………The correct Option!

    1. Hi Larry,
      Stripe and others who will no longer work with businesses that dropship will lose business, for sure. All of my ecommerce stores use the Shopify platform and Shopify payments is competitive. Just like Shopify monopolized on EBay’s downfalls, other payment solutions will step in for dropshippers.

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