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Best Skills For Self Employed Entrepreneurs

Being your own boss sounds like a dream come true to many would-be entrepreneurs. However, not everyone succeeds in business, and being in charge of your own work, pace, and products can be a daunting task if you haven’t thought it through. It is essential to have at least a few best skills listed below in order to run your business effectively and achieve real success.

How many of these best skills for entrpreneurs do you have?


How Many of These Best Skills Have You Mastered?


Successful self employed entrepreneurs do everything possible to make the business work, whether they feel up to it or not. Procrastination should not even be entertained. Honesty and respect for others is an advantage in entrepreneurship. You have to be willing to wake up early and keep time for meetings and appointments. The ability to beat deadlines shows commitment and makes one stand out from the rest of the crowd. In the end, entrepreneurship is all about self-discipline and knowing you and your limits.

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A self employed entrepreneur needs to be confident for their business to grow. Leadership is not possible without self-confidence. Decisions get made each day that require the commitment to meet your goals. Attending seminars and having background courses in subjects such as human resources, psychology, and business management help entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date with occurrences in the business world. When you have the knowledge and skills, you are confident in how to get through when things get tough.

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New ideas must be created to keep up with a competitive marketplace. An entrepreneur should be able to explore different niche ideas for the success of the business. Creativity is essential to improve existing products and services. Every enterprise has room for improvement and all it takes is for the entrepreneur to come up with innovative ways to utilize each opportunity.

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Entrepreneurs need to be enthusiastic and optimistic to truly become successful. There are bound to be hardships, but with commitment there are rewards. A majority of entrepreneurs get into business with the aim of making money. However, this should not be the only thing driving you. For an enterprise to grow, it doesn’t happen overnight. Working smart and patience are vital, and it can take even years for your business to start making lots of profits.

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Risk Tolerance

Entrepreneurship involves the ability and courage to take risks. It takes time, effort, and patience to implement and get the right outcome for your ideas. Entrepreneurs work long hours to build a business and ensure it stays afloat. With proper planning, there will be increased profits for your enterprise. Being risk tolerant does not mean you crave taking risks. It is about making calculated risks when there are high chances of success.

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Vision is the drive that makes entrepreneurs keep pushing and have the determination to succeed. It is how startup turns into large businesses over time. For a business to grow, there will be ups and downs, and an entrepreneur should be able to handle the situation with a vision of where they want the company to be in future. There needs to be a set of short and long-term goals for the growth of any enterprise. Short term goals are set to be the foundation of business, while long-term goals are what will keep the company standing in the future.

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Being a boss frees you from restraints such as tiring demands of traditional work and dealing with the growing needs of your clients and bosses. When you are self-employed, you can work at your own time and develop your responsibilities and goals. However, entrepreneurship is very demanding, especially during the early stages. In fact, expect to work harder for more extended hours until your business becomes well established to get good rewards. You need to be flexible and find better ways of working and meeting your goals.

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The Short and Sweet

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who dedicate their time and effort to make the business work. They are willing to work extra hours to meet their expectations. They are ever looking for new ideas to improve their business. All it takes is passion and determination to succeed. Identify which of these categories are holding you back and order a few books to sharpen up your best business skills.

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  1. Excellent article Julie. The only thing I might add for solo coaches is the financial piece. The difference between a coach with a hobby and one with a coaching business that allows you to make a living doing what you love is understanding how to set your fees. One of the major benefits of this is the confidence that is possible when answering the “What do you charge?” question. Potential clients can sense it if a coach is uncomfortable with what they charge. Lots of time coaches hear ” I can’t afford that.” and the coach loses control. There is a temptation to blame the marketing instead of realizing the financial piece so you can state your fees with confidence.

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