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How I Earned $273 From My Blog Pre-Launch

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I decided to launch a blog. I never put a solid blog pre-launch plan together. If you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger, you know how it is. The idea grows over time until it takes on an actual life of its own. For me, that is when I became obsessed and knew it was time to take action.


Why Did I Decide to Start a Blog?

I have been self employed for the past twelve years. There is a cute story about why and how I decided to start a small business and work from home, and I share that story here. Over the years I have started more than ten businesses. Some of them I sold, some I still own, and a couple were crappy and I let them crash and burn. Each outcome was invaluable because of how much I learned.

Now it’s time to share what I learned. Because it is fun. Helping people overcome objections about why they shouldn’t start a business sparks something inside of me. I have helped several friends start businesses over the years and when they succeed, it is an indescribable feeling. Watching people escape from “paycheck to paycheck” life and really enjoy their lives turns me on.

Plus, I want to make more money. Of course. What kind of teacher would I be if we couldn’t relate on that level?

My Inadvertent Blog Pre-Launch

I don’t want to fail. If I fail at a business blog that is designed to teach others how to navigate a path to self employment…well, you get the irony. In my experience, proper (obsessive) planning reduces the likelihood of failure.

I took a few free classes about blogging and online marketing. And I purchased one class, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing School, which was very motivational and basically forced me to believe that I can earn a decent income from blogging.  Michelle does a great job of teaching how she grew her blog to the point where it is earning over $100K/ month. I learned that I can earn money from recommending the business tools that I use and love. I have recommended so many business tools over the years and it never occurred to me that I could be earning commissions from those recommendations. Duh!

OK, so here is where the story gets good.

During my copious (obsessive) research, I came across a Facebook post asking for case studies about non-traditional ways that writers have made real money with their writing skills. I commented on the post with “After a terrible experience with a content mill, I decided to reach out to local businesses I contract with to offer my services.” The Facebook page owner contacted me by message and asked me to write my story with as much detail and info as possible and he would pay me $65. That is less than I would normally accept for a detailed case study, but it was easy to write. Plus, it was my first chance to plug my new blog, even if it had a “Coming Soon” banner on it. So, this was the beginning of the blog pre-launch.

I submitted the article with a bio that included my blog’s info and my email address. I forgot about it.

Until 12 days later.

Twelve days later, I woke up to a flooded email inbox. I will define flooded: I had 14 emails. (That seemed like a lot for a business that wasn’t even real yet.) Over the next week, I received 9 more. Imagine my surprise when I hadn’t even realized that the article was published. (Update: Since publishing this blog, I have received over 50 emails from this article. The backlink to my website has helped me to grow my traffic by adding an additional 400 visits.)

If you are curious, here is the article: https://www.freedomwithwriting.com/freedom/uncategorized/how-i-earn-3000-a-year-as-a-part-time-freelance-writer/

Each and every person who emailed had interesting questions. I enjoyed answering the emails because they were challenging and thought provoking. As I emailed back and forth with each person to help them to overcome their writing obstacles, I recommended a few helpful products. Except, this time, I used my affiliate link to make the recommendation. These were products that I love and use and have recommended a hundred times to people over the years. But, it makes so much more sense to make money helping people. And at no additional expense to the person I am helping. It is brilliant!

And here is where the story gets great.

At the time of this writing, my blog is still not launched. (Update: the blog is up and running! So far, so good.) But, I added up the pre-launch income and here is how it breaks down:

Payment for the article that started it all: $65

An ebook that I wrote two years ago and published on Amazon: $14

This is the book. It is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and is pretty detailed and thorough for a short ebook.

Mailchimp Monkey Rewards: $30

Mailchimp is my email marketing service of choice. I use it for all four of my current businesses and always suggest it to my clients. Mailchimp is my go-to.

BlueHost Affiliate Commission: $130

Three of my websites are hosted by BlueHost. They are my choice for so many reasons. I will go into those reasons on another blog post in the near future. As a side note, my other two businesses are Shopify ecommerce stores and I am a huge fan of Shopify, also.

KW Finder Affiliate Commission: $34

Mangools and their funny little mango thing has made me so much money. I provide keyword analysis for many of my marketing clients and the keyword finder has made that service much easier and more profitable for me.

Total Prelaunch Income: $273

Since I did all of the work on this website myself and am using a free WordPress theme, I have only spent about $10 on the blog so far, so it is already profitable.

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A couple other cool things to mention:

If you are still reading, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of strategic pre-launches. I have created a blueprint for a successful online business pre-launch. If you enter your email at the bottom of this article, I will email it over to you for free.

How I Earned $273 From My Blog Pre-Launch

The Short and Sweet

From the moment you decide to launch an online business, the pre-launch begins. A successful blog pre-launch or business pre-launch will reinforce whether your business is a good idea and has potential…or not. It will also position your business for success by providing an active audience from day one. Designing a blog pre-launch that has potential to build a customer base and earn revenue is the best first step for your business. To receive my business blog pre-launch checklist, complete the simple form below.


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