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Watch These Top 7 TED Talks to Inspire Your Business Start Up

Deciding to take the leap into self employment is thrilling and frightening and just about every other emotion bundled into one ball of energy. But, sometimes that energy wanes. You start to have a freak out. What am I doing? Why did I think this was a good idea? Am I talented enough?

If you are having one of those moments right now, keep reading. Even if you aren’t having one of those moments, keep reading and also pin this article for any time in the future when doubts begin to creep in. These TED talks will inspire your business start up energy and restore your faith in your entrepreneurial path.

1. Scott Dinsmore- 80% of People Don’t Enjoy Their Work

Scott reconsidered terrible advice given to him to “build his resume” regardless of whether the work was rewarding. He now helps others find and dive into their own passions to live a meaningful, reflective, helpful life. He took the leap and forged his own path with self employment.

2. Bill Gross- People Who Form Start Ups Make the World a Better Place

An entrepreneur since elementary school, Bill Gross went on a mission to systematically determine why start ups fail or succeed. He identified the following elements for start up success:

  1. Timing- Bringing a product to market at the exact right time accounted for 42% of start up successes.
  2. Execution- Do you have a plan and the right talent or team?
  3. Idea- How differentiated your idea is was important to a start ups success.
  4. Funding- Funding was the least important factor predicting success of a start up.

Don’t talk yourself out of launching your start up business because you are on a budget. Be sure that the timing of your product or service is perfect and your start up will be a hit.

3. Sheena Iyengar- The Average CEO Makes Decisions in 9 Minutes

Sheena Iyengar talks about the Choice Overload Problem. If you feel that your business must have many offerings to be successful, people are more likely to act when there are fewer choices offered.

4. Seth Godin- Getting Your Ideas to Spread

Getting your ideas to spread isn’t easy, but it is simple. Very simple things cause ideas and products to spread. In a world when people have more choices and less time, we ignore most things. Your idea, business, product, whatever, has to be remarkable to spread. Think about that word-remarkable. It means to be worthy of a remark. And the more remarks, the farther the reach.

5. Bel Pesce- Are You Stomping on Your Own Dreams?

Everyone is an overnight success, except for you. But that is only because you don’t know their story and what came before their success. If you have a dream, it is your responsibility to bring that dream to life.

6. Knut Haanaes- There Are Two Reasons Companies Fail

Companies fail by limiting themselves to either doing more of the same or only doing what is new. Balancing exploration with exploitation and is the key to a successful business. It is all about balancing risk.

7. Adam Grant- The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Are you an “original?” Originals dream up new and amazing ideas to deliver to the world. And they procrastinate. But only moderately. “You call it procrastinating, I call it thinking.”

The Short and Sweet

Do you feel better now? You should! Creating original ideas, structuring them into something tangible, sharing them with the word, and relying on people to love it in order to pay your bills is HUGE. You have come thins far, so keep it moving. Go ahead….go make more great things.

For additional business inspiration, here are a few of my faves.


Feeling a bit drained? Watch these Top 7 TED Talks to inspire your business start up energy and restore your faith in your entrepreneurial path.

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