Thank you for joining me at All About Self Employment. My path to self-employment was quite by accident and was motivated by my need for freedom. Financial freedom. Time freedom. Parental freedom. My journey as a serial entrepreneur over the past 12 years has been a winding road of successes and failures. And it has been so much fun.
In 2006, my son was in Kindergarten at the elementary school three blocks from our home. I worked a corporate job and my office was 45 minutes from my home. Since I was a salaried employee (a middle manager in the construction industry), I often flexed my time. I took a long lunch one November afternoon to attend my son’s Thanksgiving presentation at school. When I arrived back to my office, I was called into my supervisor’s office and questioned about the time that I was gone. At that moment, I decided that I would never be made to choose between my children and my livelihood again. I quit my corporate job one month later and never looked back.
I have owned several businesses, all in different niches. Here is the list:
  • Florida’s Finest Industries- I started this foreclosure property preservation business in 2006 and sold it in 2008.
  • Home Protector Team- This home watch business launched in 2005 and I sold it in 2007.
  • WHEELZ, LLC– I started this custom golf cart company in 2008, then converted it to 100% ecommerce in 2010. I still own this company.
  • All About Tidy– I started this ecommerce niche store in 2016 and I still own it.
  • On The Map Freelance- This business is my personal freelance writing and marketing consulting brand, started in 2015. I have dreams to expand it, but for now, All About Self Employment is my priority.
  • ProblemSolutionHQ– I am a managing partner of this company, which provides SAAS solutions for businesses. I was brought on as the marketing guru in 2015. Our brands include FreshCheq, Switch, TrackMyAssets, and Call Informer.

As you can see, the businesses vary vastly. Wearing many different hats has provided me with experience to help others launch their own path to self employment.

In 1998, I graduated from The George Washington University with a BA in Criminal Justice. I have never actually worked in the field of criminal justice, but I did work in the social work field for a few years. In 2015, I graduated from The George Washington University, again, but this time I earned a Master of Professional Studies in Publishing. Although I was already a business owner when I enrolled in my Masters program, the emphasis of my program was technology, which prepared me for the world of digital publishing and opened many new doors of opportunity.

On a personal note, I am a very proud momma of three children. My wish for them is that they live their lives with passion and freedom. And that is also my wish for you.

If you would like to visit about becoming self employed, please email me at Julie@allaboutselfemployment.com.