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How to Increase Your Store Sales with Pinterest for Shopify

You spent HOW MUCH on Facebook ads to make one $19 sale? The Facebook ad obsession is out of control. I understand that there are many gurus who have mastered Facebook ads and I have had a few very successful Facebook campaigns myself, but enough is enough.

Maybe it is because I have been selling online since before Facebook ads started. I remember in 2012 when “Sponsored stories” were Facebook’s first real attempt at monetizing. I loved it, and I love Facebook ads now, but there is a thing called a “marketing mix.” “Mix” is the operative word and a marketing mix has a complete set of marketing approaches. If you own a Shopify store, Pinterest should be one of those approaches.

I get it. You are skeptical. Pinterest is for girls, no one really uses it, blah, blah, blah. I have heard it all.

Here is a common reaction when I imply that Pinterest has been a more effective and much less expensive way for me to drive traffic and sales to ALL of my businesses, but particularly, my Shopify stores:

If you want to start a Shopify store, but have been putting it off, start here: Why You Should Start an Ecommerce Store Today.


“Pinterest is Social Media’s Ugly Second Cousin”

Pinterest for Shopify

This is an actual Facebook conversation that took place in a popular Shopify Facebook group. I was offering a few tips for any Shopify sellers who were interested in trying something other than expensive Facebook ads. I was sharing that I was amazed when I looked at my analytics that Pinterest was driving thousands in sales for my Shopify stores. And this guy mocked me in disbelief. His loss.

Pinterest Fun Facts: Proof That Pinterest for Shopify Owners Works

  • Pinterest reports having 200 million monthly users.
  • Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.
  • More than 50% of Pinterest users reside in households making $50K or greater each year and 10% have a household income of above $125K.
  • 93% of active pinners report using Pinterest to plan or make purchases and 87% report making a purchase because of Pinterest.

Source: https://www.omnicoreagency.com/pinterest-statistics/

Pinterest is much more than a social media platform.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is visited regularly by BUYERS who are ready to complete a purchase.Click To Tweet

The Proof is in the Pinterest Analytics

Here are the Pinterest analytics for my three Pinterest for Business accounts:

Shopify Store # 1: 254 Followers, 36K Monthly viewers, 150 website visits from Pinterest/month

Shopify Store # 2: 40 Followers, 351K Monthly viewers, 660 website visits from Pinterest/month

Blog Website: 168 Followers, 52K Monthly viewers, 400 website visits from Pinterest/month

As you can see, unlike other social media platforms, my actual Followers do not determine my reach or my traffic. I do not have to work hard to attract followers or promote pins with expensive ad campaigns. I don’t have to beg for “Likes.”

Pinterest traffic to my website is higher quality traffic.

How do I know?

Pinterest for Shopify Tutorial

Not only does Pinterest account for 93% of my Shopify store’s social network referrals, but visitors from Pinterest view an average of four pages and remain on the website longer than Facebook or StumbleUpon, which are my second and third highest social sites. Keep in mind that these numbers are based on a ZERO ad spend.

Learn how to increase your Shopify store sales in five simple steps with Pinterest.

How Much Does Pinterest for Shopify Increase My Store Sales?

This is the real question you want to know, right? You want to know if integrating your Shopify store with Pinterest is worth it.

Shopify Store #1: Pinterest accounts for 5% of total sales. (With ZERO ad spend) This adds up to several thousands of dollars each year with very little time and effort.

Shopify Store #2: Pinterest accounts for 22% of total sales. (With ZERO ad spend) This also adds up to several thousands of dollars each year with very little time and effort.

If you are convinced that Facebook ads and constant testing is the best way to drive traffic and make sales, you may not be convinced to try Pinterest. But, I like to keep the money I make and I am obsessed with driving organic traffic and low marketing budgets.

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Check out The Case for Giveaways: How Every Business Can Grow An Email List Overnight to grow a huge email list for your Shopify store with a small budget.

The Short and Sweet

Are you ready to boost your Shopify sales without an additional cost or ad spend? Of course you are!

If you are serious about mastering Pinterest for Shopify and driving buyers to your store with ZERO ad spend, pre-order Pinterest for Shopify Ultimate Guide.

The comprehensive ebook will teach you the detailed steps I take to dramatically boost my Shopify store sales.

Every Shopify store owner who pre-orders the book will save 30% using Promo Code: BOOSTSALES and will also receive exclusive invites to a private Facebook Group and Pinterest Group Board.

Stop wasting money on ineffective Facebook ads and increase your sales today.

Pinterest for Shopify Ebook: Drive Sales with Zero Ad Spend

If you still aren’t sure about Pinterest, but would like to give it a try, my FREE Pinterest for Shopify step by step tutorial has already helped hundreds of Shopify store owners reduce their Facebook ad budgets and get Pinterest set up for their Shopify stores. Sign up to receive the free tutorial to get started.

Pinterest for Shopify Freebie

Pinterest for Shopify Tutorial Freebie

Learn how to increase your Shopify store sales in five simple steps with Pinterest.

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