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Create a Brag Worthy Coffee Station for Your Home Office

You did it! You quit your day job and courageously leaped into the colorful ball pit that is self employment. Congratulations on this huge life change!

Over a decade ago, I took the same leap and never looked back. (Read more about my personal story here.) 

The benefits of self employment are innumerable. The freedom, the money, the time with my children…

But, there are a few things that I missed about corporate life when I packed up my corner office and moved into my home office. One of the things that I missed the most was the gourmet coffee station in the break room of my last “real” job.

It was perfection. The corporate “powers that be” kept the break room well stocked with fresh ground flavored coffees from around the world and a variety of decadent creamers. The Keurig machine guaranteed a fresh cup in just a few minutes and I took full advantage. So, what’s a girl to do when she looks around her home office and there is no coffee station?

She makes a coffee station of her own!


If you are still working to escape your 9 to 5 job, read this…. and then save this post to Pinterest for that glorious day when you relocate to your home office.

Home Office Hacks: Coffee Station

No more free coffee, but I will gladly pay $.072/ cup of coffee (YES! That is all it costs) in exchange for my personal and financial freedom.

How to Create Your Own Home Office Coffee Station

With one Amazon Prime order, all of the pieces to my home office coffee station arrived at my door. I was beyond excited.

Keurig Coffee Brewer

I chose the K575 Keurig coffee brewer for my home office coffee station for a few reasons, and it does not disappoint. The first reason is because I love the design. The black and stainless finishes match my kitchen and the brewer isn’t bulky or ugly like other coffee makers. The Keurig K575 is more of an accent and less of an eye sore. The water reservoir even lights up with your choice of color to illuminate your kitchen with a dreamy glow at night. A few other reasons this coffee brewer is the perfect choice are:

  • It has a built in water filter and even comes with an extra. Even the best coffee tastes crappy when the water isn’t filtered, so I looked specifically for this feature.
  • The water reservoir is huge. I can make 6-8 large cups of coffee. I use Tervis Tumblers for my coffee and since the reservoir holds 80 oz, I do not have to constantly fill it. 
  • My boyfriend prefers a smaller, stronger cup of coffee so I love that this machine has the option to choose either a 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz cup of coffee. There is also a carafe for this machine and I purchased that, also. The carafe comes in handy the morning after a long night up with the baby. Or, after one of those nights when my head is racing with ideas and I can’t sleep.
  • I also love the instant hot water feature. My dear friend, Elizabeth, is from the UK and taught me that a hot cup of English tea can cure just about anything. With one press of a button, I have a piping hot cup of water for my English tea.
  • I have a pretty consistent routine. I get up at 5AM every day to get my teens off to school and start my day with my one year old. I love that I can set the brewer with a timer so that when I come down the stairs to the kitchen, it is ready to go. The smell of fresh coffee gives me hope each morning as I descend the stairs in a sleepy fog. After the brewer makes my cup, the auto shut off conserves energy.
  • On top of everything else, this is one polite coffee brewer. When the reservoir needs to be filled, the LED screen displays, “More Water Please.” How sweet is that?Keurig Polite Coffee Brewer
  • Every 2-3 months, I run some white vinegar water through the system to “descale” it. If I forget, the brewer will remind me with a display message. In between cleanings, I wipe down the brewer with a soapy paper towel and voila! Simple to clean and maintain.

If you are putting together a brag worthy home office coffee station, this is the coffee brewer to have. Pick it up here:

Reusable K Cup Filters

My sticking point with brewers that use K Cups has always been the massive amount of plastic waste entering our landfills because of these coffee pods. The waste factor outweighed the convenience for me, so I wrestled with buying a Keurig machine for years. Until I found the resusable K Cup filters.

I originally purchased the standard reusable cups, but the filter fabric tore easily and I went through six of them in only a couple of months. I switched to the gold cups and they are much more durable. I only change them out every fews months or so now.

Not only are reusable cups more environmentally friendly, they cut the cost of a cup of coffee nearly in half. Plus, if you have read those scary articles about how mold grows in those little K Cups, you will love the reusable alternative even more.

You now have the option to fresh grind your coffee and not rely on the stale, prepackaged K Cup coffee pods. How often does fresher save you money, also? The reusable K Cup filter is a win on so many levels.

Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister

Now that you are using the reusable K Cup filters, you need a place to keep your coffee fresh. In keeping with the sleek look of the Keurig K575, the Easehold Coffee Canister was an easy choice. Here are a few reasons why:

  • This canister is constructed with food grade stainless steel. It perfectly preserves the aroma and taste of my coffee. There is no metal taste and no worry of air leaks or moisture penetration. The screw-on lid has an airtight silicone seal.
  • It is elegant and compact. It matches the Keurig and my appliances and looks great sitting proudly next to the brewer.
  • The canister stores up to 18 ounce of whole or ground coffee. I purchase coffee in bulk from BJ’s to save money and I don’t worry about it getting stale. The canister fits nearly the entire bag of ground coffee.
  • It comes with a clever scoop. I hate digging my fingers into a canister to find the scoop. This canister comes with a built in magnetic lid that the metal scoop sticks to. Love this!

I have tried a few different canisters and they all disappointed in one way or the other, until I found this one.

Rolling Coffee Stand with Drawer

Most people purchase this rolling coffee drawer to store their K Cup pods. Since I am using the reusable filter cups, I do not need to store K Cup pods, but I still love this rolling drawer for the following reasons:

  • It rolls! I can neatly tuck my Keurig machine towards the back of the counter, under the cabinets with ease. I don’t worry about scratching my countertops because the drawer has rubber coated rollers. Keurig brewers do not slide easily, so this rolling drawer makes it simple.
  • It is great storage. Since I purchase the reusable filters in 6 packs, I store them all here in the drawer. I also store extra reservoir filters and a few Qtips for cleaning. It is helpful to have everything neatly in the same place.

The rolling drawer is a must-have for a tidy, brag worthy coffee station.

The Short and Sweet

And there you have it! Walk away from the commute, the clock punching, the annoying micromanagers, and long hours away from family and friends. DO NOT walk away from that gourmet coffee station. Because now, for less than $220 you will have your own home office coffee station. So fabulous!

To make your coffee station set up simple, here is what you need:

8 thoughts on “Create a Brag Worthy Coffee Station for Your Home Office

  1. I’m really glad you use the reusable K cups 🙂 That’s a major hang-up for me with the Keurig machines, though I know a lot of people who love their Keurig machines. I’m a big fan of espresso rather than coffee, so I’ve got a little espresso machine for my home. Mmmm a nice cup of morning productivity!

    1. The disposable K cups were a deal breaker for me for years and the reason I hesitated to buy a Keurig. I am trying to spread the word that not only do the reusable cups reduce plastic waste, but they also make for a less expensive cup of coffee! Thanks for your comment.

    1. Krystin, Keurig machines are so convenient. I do not drink enough coffee to justify making an entire pot and I like for it to be fresh brewed, so making one cup at a time is the perfect solution. I recommend the Keurig mentioned in this article. I have had a few different models and this one is my favorite, especially for the price. Thanks for your comment.

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