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5 College Degrees to Jump Start Your Self Employment

Jump start your self employment with a college degree guaranteed to expose you to the skills and processes required for small business owners. Starting your own business is a brilliant (and scary) decision and a desire many people have. Growing a thriving business can easily provide you with the income you need while allowing the flexibility that you crave. If your end goal is to start your own business, plan your education around it to jump start your self employment. While you don’t need a specific college degree to launch a successful business, some degrees make it easier in the long run.


Marketing and Advertising

Every business’ success depends on marketing and promotion. These are vital skills in any business. A degree in marketing and advertising helps you jump start your self employment when you learn the methods and techniques to make your business stand out. Since the business environment changes and evolves rapidly, a marketing degree will provide the necessary marketing, advertising, and management skills. Apart from starting a firm in advertising or marketing, this course of study also enables you to market any other business. If a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and advertising is not readily available, you can take a course in business and specialize in marketing.

Computer Science

We are living in a highly digitized world. Businesses have taken online presence, and they are thriving. Today, there are numerous careers based on computer technology to help you jump start your self employment. A degree in computer science will open opportunities in computer graphics, animation, analysis, and cyber security, among others. Gaming is a fast-growing industry where business people can invest for big returns. Computer games are popular among many people worldwide. It means that if you ventured into this business, it is easy to get a global audience within a short time. Any business can utilize computer skills and the opportunities that come with it. Computer science is a suitable course to follow as you prepare to start entrepreneurship.

Business Administration

This discipline will equip business owners with skills of managing a business. Regardless of the nature of your business, a Master’s of Business Administration instills critical concepts of starting and operating a business, as well as leadership and management skills. A Bachelor’s Degree in any field is needed to apply to an MBA, so it may be useful to get your Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to your business and then add your MBA on the top of it.

Digital Publishing

The writing and publishing field is growing daily. New opportunities for businesses are emerging for people interested in this area. Writing and digital publishing skills are needed in numerous areas of business. You can start a business in copywriting, advertising, marketing, scriptwriting, curriculum development, or so many other fields. There are numerous opportunities in all of these fields for a freelance business or a consultant business. These services allow you to enjoy the fulfillment of writing and publishing as you assist other to grow and flourish through your services. Entrepreneurs in these fields have become very popular on the internet, especially those who are good at writing and have digital publishing knowledge. I went back to school to earn my Master’s in Publishing in 2015 and countless opportunities have resulted because of this additional, higher level education.

Read more about The George Washington University’s Master’s in Digital Publishing program here.


Food production and food safety is a cornerstone of every nation. People need food supplies their everyday life. If you are interested in food related business, a course in agriculture can be very helpful. You will learn a lot about self employment because agriculture and food related services has increasing opportunity as a self employment field. While studying agriculture, you may become aware of opportunities that you had not thought of that will increase your chances of success at self-employment.

For example, check out my restaurant food safety start-up, FreshCheq, as an example of one type of business opportunity available in food related businesses.

The Short and Sweet

While earning college degrees is not necessary to become self employed, higher education can set you apart from the competition. The credentials alone will lend to your credibility when trying to land clients and will open doors. Jump start your self employment by pursuing a higher level degree, either online or in a classroom setting.


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